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EDR Evaluation - Powershell Activity

Users of Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) systems know they are powerful tools for detecting Threat Actors (TA)'s. But there is often...

Zeek & Corelight - Core Packages

In simple terms, Zeek sensors capture traffic, generate protocol-specific log files for the captured session traffic, and can export...

SOAR Notes

Automation Overview Identify and prioritize processes for automation: Begin with standard, repetitive tasks that can be easily automated,...

Mitre ATT&CK based SOC Assessments

SOC assessments: Set a reference for SOC capabilities. Identify detection engineering data-source gaps Identify detection engineering use...

The Cybersecurity Suri

In the realm of cybersecurity, there is also a 'Suri,' which is the abbreviation for Suricata. Suricata stands as an open-source,...

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