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Cybersecurity Metrics

Metrics are the lifeblood of business decision-making, cherished by executives who rely on them to steer their organizations toward...

Elastic - Pricing

Elastic SaaS pricing is extensively documented. However, when researching the associated concepts, the abundance of information can...

SRE - Golden Signals Matrix

While overseeing Network Operations Centers (NOCs), I often noticed situations where systems were activated without adequate monitoring...

Networking - Spanning Tree

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) was developed by Radia Perlman in the mid-eighties. STP was adopted as standard 802.1D. STP was developed...

Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Encrypted Traffic Overview - How Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) works RSA is a lynchpin of Public Key Cryptography. The more I learn...

Cyber Defense/Game Strategy Analogy

If you are playing a team sport you can be fantastic at a single area, but still lose. For example, if you have great goal scorers and a...

Data Center Operations

Data Centers are warehouse like buildings that seem to be being constructed all over the place. Data Centers house servers. Two of the...

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